Live Free & BREW!Patriot Homebrew Supply provides high quality ingredients, equipment and services to the Omaha, NE metro and surrounding area homebrewers and local craft breweries. We promote homebrewing through in-store, hands-on classes, social events and demonstrations to generate interest in quality beer and the local craft beer scene.

We offer a 10% discount to Military and 5% to American Brewer Association (AHA) members. Discount does not apply to classes, items on sale, consignment or clearance items, special orders or Blichmann and Ruby Street products.

Gift Certificates available!!!!

Why shop Patriot Homebrew Supply?

  • 45 malt varieties that you can weigh out by the ounce or pound.
  • 79 yeast varieties.
  • 30 hop varieties featuring local growers.
  • 30 Brewer’s Best ingredient kits to pick from.
  • Extensive selections of stainless and brass fittings to customize your system
  • High quality kegging and beer dispensing hardware
  • Hands on shopping where you are involved from start to finish hand picking your ingredients for your next brew.
  • A locally owned store that has all the ingredients and equipment you will need to make your next homebrew or wine.
  • Four classes to choose from that will expand your knowledge in homebrewing. Thought of homebrewing but do not know if it is for you? Sign up to brew on-site with us and get hands on experience.
  • Free seminars on a variety of topics to expand your knowledge and/or overcoming challenges when it comes to making homebrew, wine, mead and hard cider.
  • No more delays in the mail or receiving the incorrect products with online shopping.

-Now that you have found your new hobby, you can walk out with everything you need to make your own homebrew or wine at home.

  • Have the equipment at home but have not homebrewed for some time.¬† Stop in and talk to other brewers or sign up for our class to learn new brew tips and recipes to get you back into brewing.
  • Enjoy brewing but do not want to invest in the equipment.¬† Sign up to brew with us on-site with other homebrewers or individually.

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