About the Products

Patriot Homebrew Supply provides the basic raw ingredients, equipment, hardware, and support for the local Homebrewer, Mead, Wine and Hard Cider maker.

We also have novelty items such as  T-shirts, hats, stickers, books, dog treats, and videos.

Patriot does not does have online sales nor do we ship.  We are however more than welcome to take an order over the phone and have it ready for pick up.

Click on the items below to view what inventory we stock.  *Note that inventory counts can fluctuate daily so we do not guarantee it to be in stock when you arrive.  You can, however, call to confirm what is available at 402-991-6655.

If we do not carry what you need we can suggest a substitute or add it to our next order.

  • Grain by the Bag
  • Grain by the pound or ounce (45 different malts sold by the bag, pound or ounce. DME and LME also available)
  • Hops (30 hop varieties from Hopunion and Indie Hops plus featuring local growers Duffin Knudsen)
  • Yeast (79 varieties from White Labs, Wyeast, Lalvin, Red Star, Fermentis, and Lallemand) Patriot can special order yeast not stocked including GigaYeast.
  • Brewer’s Best Beer Kits plus seasonal
  • Winexpert Wine Kits and Cru Select Wine Kits
  • Brewer’s Best Cider Kits
  • Soda extract

Raw ingredients such as grain, hops and yeast are offered in a wide assortment. In the case for grain, there are several categories: base malts (to include wheat & rye malts), specialty malts and roasted malts. The key is that we offer bagged malt (50/55 pounds bags) with a wide variety based on experience with the local homebrewer market. Base malts from the US, UK, Germany and Belgium will be the focus.

Specialty and roasted malts will be offered in limited bulk quantities and are available in a bin system that the customer can weigh and package themselves at both the ounce and pound level. Base grain can also be weighed out.

Grain Brands that we carry: Bairds, Best Maltz, Briess, Canada Malting, Chateau/Castle, Crisp, Fawcett, Gambrinus, Great Western, Rahr, Schill Colgne, Simpsons, and Weyermann.

We also stock Liquid Extract Malt (LME) by Briess and Dry Extract Malt (DME) by Briess and Muntons in a nice variety for those extract brewers.

Hops are supplied by Yakima and BSG in both pellet and whole leaf form. With the emphasis on local, Patriot Homebrew Supply will also offer whole hops from Nebraska suppliers.

Yeast is maintained in such a manner to ensure freshness. Our major focus is having a wide variety available for the experienced homebrewer and local craft brewers (to use for special “one‐off”brews).

We carry both liquid and dry yeast.  Liquid yeast brands are White Labs and Wyeast Yeast.  Dry yeast from Fermentis, Lallemand, Lalvin, and Red Star.

A wide selection of adjuncts also available to enhance your beverage.  Items such as Extract Flavoring, Purees, Dried Peels and Seeds, Oak, and Candi Sugar.

Equipment is available for the beginner and veteran homebrewer.  We carry professional grade, quality hardware to start or expand your home-brewery.

With a selection of professional stainless steel tri-clover fittings, Cam and Groove, In-line pumps, ball-valves and high-temp plastic/silicon and quick connects we seek to meet the needs of the do-it-yourself homebrewer seeking to master their hobby. All equipment carried in the store will be based on the experiences of the owner/brewer.

We carry a range of equipment for a single kettle extract brewing or brew-in-a-bag system all the way to a customizable three kettle system for a professional all-grain system.

We are also a dealer location for Blichmann, Ruby Street, High-Gravity Brewing, BrewBuilt, BrewTech and Bayou Classic hardware.

Want to dispense your homebrew at home? We’ve got it covered with everything you would need for bottling or kegging.  We have it all from a CO2 kit to all hardware needed to set up a kegging system and/or kegerator.  You will find we have Perlick and standard faucets.

Do not forget that we also have a CO2 tank exchange program for 5 and 10 pound tanks.